Portable Heating & Cooling. Fits Your Lifestyle.

Stay Active Canada!

Stay Active Canada!

Get outside and experience everything Canada has to offer and stay comfortable while doing it.

Take your personal climate control with you...

  • - warm up on cold fall & winter days.
  • - extend outdoor living and sports activities.
  • - enjoy nature walks or biking on trails.
  • - traveling to exotic places.
  • How it Works


  • Cooling & Heating

    Useful in either hot or cold environments. Stay comfortable wherever life takes you.

  • Micro USB power

    Plug into any USB port or take it on-the-go with any 2.1A Power Bank.

  • Eco Friendly

    This device uses only 12 kWk per year.

  • Adjustable

    Ergonomic design that adjusts to most neck sizes.

  • Turbo Mode

    Enhance the effectiveness of cooling and warming while shortening the warm up time.

  • Safety Features

    This unit provides over-current and over-heating protection to prevent any injury.

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